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Keith Urban News Update Photo…Keith After The Facebook Chat…Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Here I am in my trailer answering your Facebook questions!! I hope some of my answers were helpful! I have to head to the American Idol set now! Happy Pickin’!!! – KU

Some sampling of questions and answers from the chat…

Corrin Litschgy Do you recommend learning the different cords first or start off by trying to learn a song?

Keith Urban I would learn the cords for the song you want to play first. Because that way you are more motivated to learn more cords quicker. But uultimately it’s just about whatever sparks your motivation

Tyler Mount What song do you always play when you pick up a guitar? Any test songs?
  • 1187160_10151812402556077_201777531_n.jp I don’t have any test songs! KU
    Emily O’Callaghan Hey Keith! How long after you started learning guitar did it take you to play your first solo? What solo was it?
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    • 1187160_10151812402556077_201777531_n.jp

    Keith Urban That’s a great question!! My first solo was probably the mandolin riff of the song “San Antonio Stroll” there are only 5 notes in it! – KU

    Lynn Penza Hi Keith! What made you decide to come out with your own line of guitars and do you use them in your shows/concerts ? Thanks! Love your music!
    Keith Urban I wanted to make a really well built guitar that didn’t cost a lot of money, for people who have always been interested in finding out if there is a guitar player lurking inside them! – KU
    Jim Cadogan When will you be doing another CMT Crossroads show?
    • Keith Urban I don’t know! I would love to do another one. Apparently it would have to be with someone named * *”John”. – KU


    Keith’s first *Crossroads* was with John Fogerty…His second was with John Mayer…Personally I would like to see him do one with Mark Knopfler…And Dire Straits… 🙂

    • Kitty Sue My daughter is 12 wants to learn to play, she has long fingers what is the best guitar to start out with?
        • 1187160_10151812402556077_201777531_n.jp
        Keith Urban Great question! I would start with acoustic, possibly even a nylon string guitar, because the strings are faced further apart. But if Dolly Parton can get her seriously lengthy nailed fingers to dance around the banjo gracefully, anything is possible! – KU

    Thanks to Keith Urban…

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